Hiking to the most Northwestern point of the Continental United States: Cape Flattery

After setting out on our journey to Tampa, our first stop was at Cape Flattery. Well technically it was the second as we got a late start and ended up spending the night at Neah Bay first. But the next morning we got up and drove to the trail head in the rain and set out on the hike. The hike to the most north western point is a 1.2 mile out and back trail that has 230ft of elevation gain. In the rain it gets quite muddy so waterproof boots are recommended. There isn’t much to see until you get almost to the end of the trail where there are three viewpoints off the main trail before you reach the final viewpoint that is the most north western point. It’s a weird feeling to stand and look out at the water knowing there’s nothing for a few thousand miles before you reach Japan.

On the way back to the car the rain had stopped and the sun had just come over the trees and we got the most beautiful light through the trees creating sunbeams and steam. It was the perfect end to an easy hike.

The Cape Flattery trail is located on the Makah Tribal Reservation and a $20 recreation permit is required to access it. You can purchase one online and print it, or buy one in town. Either way make sure you display it on your dashboard. It is good for a whole year so come back and see the trail in other seasons!

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